In FUE, it is necessary that the patient has a good donate zone to be able to use this technique, on the other hand, the FUSS technique is the most recommended for sessions of many implants and to cover advanced baldness.

The FUE technique, “commercially” has been the most requested because it prevents the scar on the back of the neck, but the trend towards FUSS is increasing because the effectiveness of the result is more reliable in the greater number of cases.

Although there is a small line of a millimeter or two thick in the back of the neck, it is worth using the FUSS technique, because this does not damage the donate zone and we get good results in a single intervention. Each patient is a different case and you have to use the technique that is most appropriate in each case, depending on your needs. Therefore clinics that offer a single technique can not objectively advise which method is most appropriate for you as it is not the only technique that can solve problems of baldness.

A good clinic will always offer both possibilities to be able to advise and give the most appropriate solution for each case. It should be emphasized that the FUSS technique is an intervention that requires knowledge in capillary plastic surgery and the use and control of specific and adequate instruments, which is not usually offered in all hair transplant clinics.

The Hair Graft Team of the Navarro Viana Clinic is directed by Dr. Navarro Viana, who among other merits, is the author of the chapter corresponding to “Hair Surgery” of the book “Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine” (Editorial Panamericana), current reference of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine at the Valencia level and at the national level.

At the Navarro Viana Clinic we have experienced alopecia surgeons in Valencia since 1992 and we offer our patients both hair graft techniques in order to present them to them and see which one best suits their case.