Mesenchymal cells for alopecia

Stem cells for alopecia


More than 25 years of experience

Alopecia treatment

The Navarro Viana Clinic in Valencia stands as a reference center in the treatment to combat alopecia with the autotransplantation of stem cells for alopecia from the patient’s own adipose tissue, and we offer a wide range of possibilities such as:

1st CAPILLARY GRAFT type FUE and FUSS for patients who need it due to the extreme alopecia of the patients.
2º TREATMENT WITH THE PATIENT’S OWN MESENCHYMAL CELLS that will regenerate the living follicles that are already beginning to stop being active.

What is stem cell treatment for alopecia?

The procedure takes just 1 hour and consists of processing a small amount of fat from the patient, just 50 cc. since our fat is the true inexhaustible bank in the adult, of adult mesenchymal stem cells among other cell groups, even of greater viability than in the bone marrow.

Once the fat has been processed and the cell phone concentrate is finally obtained, about 5 cc. These are grafted in the area where the lack of hair density has been previously detected, that is, areas where the hair follicles are still alive but begin to enter the phase of cellular depletion.

Autotransplante de Células Madre contra la Alopecia 18

We do not graft hairs from a donor area, we graft their cells obtained from fat, which will regenerate the germ cells of the still-living follicle, so that it returns to produce good quality hair, progressively appearing a higher density and new hair grows in the area. affected and that, if it is not treated, in the relatively near future, it will end up being an area of ​​alopecia or total baldness, sometimes and depending on the case it is advisable to repeat the treatment every 6 months, thus reaching a complete density of hair higher.

This innovative technique, even though it is minimally invasive, must follow the health regulations that require it to be performed in a health center with a sterile area, that is, in an Ambulatory Surgery Center with an AUTHORIZED BY HEALTH OPERATING ROOM such as our clinic with a health registry for such purpose, and performed by highly experienced surgeons, to perform surgical techniques such as FUSS and went. for hair grafting.

Alopecia treatment with cells obtained from the patient’s own fat is suitable for both men and women, especially those who are still young and the density of the scalp progressively decreases.

The ideal patients for this procedure are:

1- Young people who begin to notice a decrease in the density of their hair.
2- People with incipient alopecia, who want to “anticipate” a more invasive and tedious intervention such as a hair graft.
3- People or patients who underwent a graft and did not achieve a satisfactory result and want to improve the result.

This innovative technique in countries like the US is giving a lot to talk about and in some cases they are the real alternative to a hair graft, which can always be done later.

More uses of Stem Cells obtained from the patient's own fat:

At CLÍNICA NAVARRO VIANA in Valencia we are pioneers in the use of cells obtained from the patient’s own fat in other medical disciplines such as:

Comprehensive facial rejuvenation
Treatment of unaesthetic or post-traumatic scars
Treatment of knee osteoarthritis and post-surgical joint injuries

DON’T FORGET THAT: The cells only exist within your own fat or in your bone marrow, therefore they can only be obtained from you, and it should always be done in a center equipped with an operating room authorized by health. Be wary of centers or clinics that do not have authorized facilities for this and where cell treatment is offered without first having a fat or bone marrow extraction.





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